Nine possibilities (and one real reason) why grates on campus won’t stop fogging

Have you noticed the ominous fog emitting from grates around campus on chilly winter days? We have a few theories (and one legitimate explanation) about what’s causing it.

1. As the semester gets into full swing, more and more Hilltoppers are making use of the exclusive vape lounge in the basement of the fine arts center.

2. In an effort to cut utility costs, WKU put in a geothermal vent — and forgot to connect it to a building.


3. Given their precarious funding situation, Kentucky Mesonet is trying to create more stormy weather to prove their usefulness to the Commonwealth.

4. Photojournalism majors needed another cool backdrop for moody portraits.

5. Unsatisfied with the inefficacy of chemtrails, the government has resorted to a more direct way of chemically brainwashing us.

6. The General Counsel is burning sensitive documents, so they won’t have to release anything regardless of how WKU’s lawsuit against the Herald turns out.

7. WKU has successfully elected a new pope!

8. Flu season is upon us, and Health Services decided we could all use a humidifier.

9. Due to budget cuts, the Art Department had to sell all its welding equipment and start relying on the dragon who lives in the caves beneath the Hill.

Really though, the reason why you might see fog coming out of grates around campus is the same reason you can see your breath when it is cold out. Basically, the warm air from inside can hold a lot more moisture than the cold air outside, so when the air circulates back outside, the water vapor cools into liquid and forms tiny droplets that we see as fog.

It’s kind of a boring answer — I’d much rather believe in the friendly, industrious dragon that definitely lives under FAC.