4 outfits inspired by WKU icons

If you’re stuck in a style rut this semester, have no fear. Take a few style cues from these four iconic people, places and things of WKU.


Madam President

What goes together better than President Caboni and bowties? A stylized version of President Caboni and bows of course! Since the bowtie is arguably Carboni’s signature look, I wanted to keep the same aesthetic but with a twist for a modern millennial woman.

Serving you white squirrel

The white squirrel has come to life, and she’s a woman! White was the main focus of this look and layers give the white a more wearable winter feel.

Big Red Beret

Nothing screams WKU like Big Red, so I’ve traded the red mascot’s head for a red beret.

Get your head in the game

This last look isn’t inspired by one character but a whole team of them — the basketball team!  This basketball-inspired look will have you ballin’ even if you aren’t a member of the  team. Athleisure is still on trend, and joggers add a laid-back vibe to this sporty outfit.