WKU paints the campus green for St. Patrick’s Day

WKU has no risk of being pinched today because our campus is so green!
big-red Wow! Check out Big Green, one of the most iconic figures in WKU history!big-reds-you-know-whatBig Green’s You-Know-What, almost blending into all the beautiful greenery on campus.

One of the most recognizable spots on campus: the Colonnade steps! People love to hang out here and not get pinched.fac-fountain

Here’s that weird fountain that’s always roped off. But not today! Do St. Patrick proud and dance your heart out. But don’t drink on campus, because it’s still technically dry.red-statue

Even WKU’s weird statues are getting in on the fun!

Everyone’s favorite place to use their meal plans — GreenZone! Be sure to drop in today and pour green food coloring all over your food, unless they’ve already done it for you.street-signs

If you thought you were going to get away with pinching these street signs, THINK AGAIN. Parking and Transportation Services will be all over your heinie.water-tower

The Big Green water tower is glowing. All in honor of St. Paddy!

WKU: A Green University with International Reach (Especially to Ireland).wku-towel

Another famous piece of WKU iconography: the Green Towel. Wave ’em, Toppers!big-red-statue

And here’s a (bronze) Big Green, lounging on a Green Towel! ***Flawless.


Gary “Green” Ransdell has been ready for this day since Homecoming. Looking good, baby!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Toppers!


Photos by Tucker Covey.