How to celebrate national ex day

Eat, drink and be single

April 14th is National Ex-Spouse Day, the day we have all been waiting for. Regardless of relationship status, who doesn’t daydream about a holiday specifically for celebrating a failed relationship?

But if you’re stumped on how to rejoice, here are a few ideas.

Good ole T-Swift

Taylor Swift’s early music is what needy, heartbroken dreams are made of. I highly recommend “Picture to Burn” if you’re feeling especially melodramatic.

Like it up

If your ex has been at the top of your Instagram search bar for a while now, this one is for you. In celebration of the day, go ahead and like all the pics you’ve been obsessively looking at. Let loose — it’s a holiday.


All good holidays revolve around food, and national ex-spouse day should be no different. Don’t fret. Calories don’t count when you’re celebrating your single status.

Party Time

No holiday is complete without gathering all of your friends and family together to celebrate. Tell everyone to bring their ex to the party and sit back and watch the sparks (and chairs) fly.

Eat, drink and be single my friends.