The struggles of a sick (but hardworking) college student

Being sick can be a bummer.

You have to worry about snot running out of your nose when you least expect it and whether or not you’ll have a coughing fit loud enough to make you want to become a ghost and disappear from a public space. Your muscles ache with each move you make, and your sore throat barely allows you to enjoy that slice of pizza, which you probably can’t even taste. The list goes on.

These symptoms can feel even worse as a college student. As a college student, you probably can’t afford to get sick, but when you do, you find yourself stuck in one of the following scenarios.

Struggling to get sleep

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When you’re sick, you’d rather lay in bed all day, tossing and turning as the sun rises and falls. But, as a college student, that’s only a fantasy.

Instead, you hit the snooze button two or three times when your alarm goes off, hoping a few minutes of extra sleep will somehow miraculously cure you.

Finally, you turn off your alarm completely, but by then, you’re wide awake, so you just lay there, contemplating your life while struggling to breathe through your nose. You think about professor so-and-so’s class and debate with yourself on whether or not you can afford to miss it.

Eh, you eventually decide missing one more class will be okay.

You roll over, closing your eyes again. But panic takes over. You remember you have an exam. You leap out of bed and practically hack up a lung to make it to your class just as the exams are being passed out. You look disheveled as you read the exam. Your fingers are crossed because you didn’t really study when you felt like your body was slowly dying and all.

Wishing for your mom

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When you’re sick, you’d rather ring a bell and have your parents serve you some soup in bed or hand you that remote you dropped earlier. But, as a college student student, that’s always not possible.

Instead, huffing and blowing your nose into an overused tissue, you cloak your covers around your weakened body, and drag your feet to go make yourself a bowl of ramen noodles.

And about that remote. Now would’ve been a reason to invest in one of those sticks that reaches and picks up objects from a distance. But you didn’t, so forget it. You will just watch the Discovery Channel until the end of time —or, at least until your roommate walks in.

Ignoring your classes

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When you’re sick, you’d rather ignore the fact that you have an exam coming up that can affect your grade. But, as a college student, you can’t.

Instead, you choose to do the right thing by packing your backpack up with all the materials you’ll need to study and mosey on up to Helm Library.

After getting a couple of minutes of studying in, the stuffiness takes over and your bones start to feel weak. You find a couch or comfortable chair to relax into. Next thing you know, you’re knocked out, snoring through the congestion.

But, hey —at least you really tried.

Trying to make it to work

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When you’re sick, you’d rather call your employer and tell him or her you quit. But, as a college student, you need that money, honey. How else will you afford to pay your rent, get groceries and fill your car’s tank with gas?

Instead, you drag yourself to work. You might be a couple minutes late, but at least you’re there. Your coworkers should be lucky you even graced them with your presence.

Only now, you have to keep your head from falling over at a desk, keep from sneezing on your customer’s food or try not to look so depressed in front of the general public.

There’s no getting out of this one. All you can do is pray while keeping your eyes on the clock.