27 reasons to apply for the Talisman

The priority deadline to apply for a staff position at our beautiful Talisman magazine and website is tomorrow, May 4. We offer paid positions in magazine writing and photojournalism, web writing and photojournalism, illustration, design, marketing, videography and more!

In case you’re still on the fence about whether or not to apply to work on the most talented, creative and fun team in the world, here are 27 reasons to apply provided by our very own staffers.

Their responses have been edited for length and clarity.


1. At the Talisman, you’re surrounded by creative individuals that help you refine your ideas and make the most of your skills! And it’s a fun group of friends to be part of. – Reed Mattison, web and magazine photographer

2. It provides paid experience with an awesome and fun staff. – Taylor Frint, designer

3. You can meet friends and get to produce content that can help your portfolio. – August Gravatte, web and magazine photographer

4. Free pizza. – An unnamed staffer, written at a meeting in which free pizza was provided

5. Emily Moses rocks and Evan Mattingly too. – A photographer, apparently

6. This team is so great! I loved meeting inquisitive and creative people. – Bailey Jordan, social media marketer

7. If you like taking pretty pics, work here. – Another unnamed photo staffer

8. You can share and try out your creative ideas! – Sophie Whorf, marketing manager

9. It’s an awesome resume builder! – Rylee McKee, magazine writer

10. I hear the Talisman staffers wear all the hottest clothes and go to the coolest parties. That’s why you should join. – Jacob Schneider, social media marketer

11. The Talisman helped me realize my greatest potential as a writer and creator. Every experience I’ve had has made me better. Also: cool people, dope projects and creative freedom. – Catrina Cooksey, web writer

12. To do the project you’ve always wanted to do — and get the courage to FOLLOW THROUGH. – Grace Pritchett, web and magazine photographer

13. Connect with humans. – Phi Chu, web and magazine writer

14. We are a family that inspires each other creatively. – Chris Kohley, web and magazine photographer

15. The Talisman allows you to become more involved with WKU and Bowling Green events. – Natalie Hedberg, web illustrator

16. Creative freedom! – Lily Thompson, web and magazine photographer

17. Our wonderful and special editor-in-chief! And the ability to explore our world with intention. – Dillon McCormick, web writer

18. You’ll have a laugh with a wonderful staff! – Hannah McCarthy, magazine writing editor

19. Collaboration with talented peers. – Emily Moses, web visuals editor

20. Not only are we the undefeated, undisputed, best kickball publication on WKU’s campus, but we also have the coolest, bestest group of people you ever did see — seriously, I’m not just kissing booty. – Max Zambrano, web and magazine writer

21. Joining the Talisman staff is a great opportunity to get involved with Student Publications and gain writing or visual experience! – Sara Yaacoub, web writer

22. You can learn more about journalism and your writing style. – Maddie Sennett, web writer

23. Work for the Talisman to be introduced to a creative environment where you can showcase your work as you collaborate with other staffers! – J.B. Carter, web illustrator

24. To work for the Talisman is like finding a family away from home that both challenges you professionally and creatively while supporting you in every way possible. – Adam Murphy, web and magazine writer

25. The Talisman is a place to be surrounded by creative and intellectual companions who will inspire you to view the world with open curiosity and wonder then go out and make something of it. It’s a flourishing community of light and learning. – Hannah Good, web writing editor

26. We beat the Herald at kickball. – The Talisman team

27. At the Talisman, you’ll have opportunities to grow — discovering more of yourself and the world around you as you work with a team of talented individuals to tell meaningful and important (and fun!) stories. And that’s pretty tight, if you ask me. – Helen Gibson, editor-in-chief