6 places to get a last minute blue book or scantron

It’s a typical Tuesday morning, and you’re begrudgingly walking up the Hill to class. You pass other students swiftly making their way to their respective buildings. All is well as you make your ascent. You begin imagining what you’ll have for lunch when it hits you.

You have an exam, and you didn’t bring a blue book.

You get that uneasy feeling of concern in the pit of your stomach. You realize you don’t have time to go back to the bookstore to buy one. So you begin improvising. You pull out your phone and Google which buildings have such materials. Luckily, you find this article.

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, exams are about to be as common as sweating while walking up the Hill. If you’ve forgotten your exam day materials, don’t fret. Here’s a list of locations that offer blue books and scantrons for your last-minute exam epiphanies.


1. WKU Store in Downing Student Union

The WKU Store in DSU is the most mainstream place to get blue books and scantrons. You can purchase each for around 30 cents. However, this location is only convenient if you are at the bottom of the Hill or will pass it on your way to class.

2. History department

The history department on the second floor of Cherry Hall sells both blue books and scantrons for all of your exam needs at the top of the Hill.

3. Political science department

If your classes are comfortably in the middle of the Hill, the political science department on the third floor of Grise Hall is probably the most convenient place for you to buy blue books.

4. Gordon Ford College of Business

Just one floor above the political science department is your scantron hookup on the fourth floor of Grise. The business college sells scantrons for a dollar, and proceeds go to support the business fraternities.

5. Department of communications

The department of communications, located on the first floor of FAC, is also a great place to get last-minute exam materials. Scantrons are sold here.


6. Student Government Association office

Perhaps the best location to get last-second blue books and scantrons is the SGA office because they offer these materials for free. If you have an extra five minutes, it’s definitely worth it to save a little money by going to the SGA office on the second floor of DSU.

Hopefully, this information will help you ace all of your exams, even the ones you don’t remember until the last minute.