9 ways to avoid the flu

It’s here.

According to Heath Services, WKU is experiencing more cases of the flu than usual. The flu virus has struck too many unsuspecting victims, and it’s time for a revolution.

You can get the flu vaccine at Graves Gilbert Clinic on campus. If you don’t want the shot, here are nine steps to help you avoid the flu this season.

1. Practice healthy eating habits. Staying healthy is a good way to ensure you maintain a healthy immune system, and this includes keeping your eating habits in check. Foods like fruits, vegetables, green tea and other healthy options contain vitamins and antioxidants that flush out toxins and strengthen your immune system.

2. Wash your hands. After using the bathroom. Before you eat. After you eat. When you get back from class. Oh, and every second in between.

3. Try not to touch your face. That includes your mouth, nose or eyes. If you’ve come in contact with the flu virus, you’ll want to keep it as far away from your face as possible.

4. Actually, don’t touch anything. Don’t touch your phone. Who knows what kind of monstrosities are growing on its beautiful, glossy surface? Don’t touch your laptop. Yes, you’re a college student and it’s your lifeline, but you need to make sacrifices for your own sake. Don’t touch desks or tables. OK, perhaps that is a bit extreme. But you can wipe down germy surfaces and make a conscious effort to keep things clean.

Speaking of keeping things clean…

5. Carry Lysol or Clorox wipes with you. Everywhere. It says right on the packaging that they will kill cold and flu viruses, so use them. Never let them leave your side.

6. Get some sleep. Yes, you have studying to do. And an essay to write. And another essay to write. But this is the flu we’re talking about. It’s unforgiving, and if you don’t get enough sleep it will creep up on you. Work on your time management skills, so you can squeeze in those much-needed extra hours of sleep. It will give your immune system a boost and make you feel more alert and healthy.

7. Exercise. It boosts your immune system, which helps keep nasty illnesses at bay and leaves you feeling energized and proud of yourself. Who wouldn’t want that?

8. Try to avoid too much stress. Stress is hard on your body and mind and can weaken your immune system. Enough said.

9. Become a hermit. It’s like a zombie apocalypse out there. When the zombies come, you will want to board up windows and avoid human contact in case you cross paths with one of them. The flu is basically like a zombie. So avoid all human contact. And board up your windows. And kick your roommate out like the soulless monster you are. OK. That’s unrealistic and unnecessarily cruel. But seriously. If someone you know has the flu, keep your distance.

If you do catch the flu, take care of yourself and avoid contact with other people. Tell your professors you’re sick and don’t go to class, so you can keep classmates from exposure to the flu virus. Get plenty of rest and seek treatment. This will help you recover faster and keep the flu from spreading.