How to use crystal healing for finals week

As finals week approaches, the campus atmosphere shifts into overdrive as students scramble to put together final projects and finish their last papers of the semester. Most students have their own methods of coping with this stress. I turn to crystals.

I have been using crystals for a couple years now. I have a few books of my own that I reference for help, but for this guide, I wanted to have access to maximum crystal information, so I went to Barnes and Noble to research. Judy Hall’s “The Encyclopedia of Crystals” provided me with knowledge about almost every crystal, mineral and gem and the healing properties associated with them.

Crystals are thought to obtain energy that can provide healing for the mind, body and spirit. Although there is no scientific evidence that supports that claim, I find crystals comforting in that they are a physical object that I can focus all my negative energy toward. Since I came to college, crystals have been my source of relaxation and my way of coping with the demands of school, especially during finals week. I prefer to wear crystals as jewelry and keep some in my room, but you can also keep them in your backpack or put them in various places in your home or in your car. They can be placed on various parts of the body correlating with your intention of using them, or you can meditate with them.

Crystal healing dates back to some of the earliest civilizations. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks wore stones and crystals for protection, and they were even used in medicinal remedies during the Renaissance. If you’re interested in learning how to use crystals or just looking for a last resort to get you through finals week, follow this guide to figure out which crystals are right for you.



Check out these stones if you’re completely overwhelmed with the amount of work you have left to do before the end of the semester. They’re also ideal for those balancing school, work, athletics and a social life.

o   Rose quartz: reduces tension

o   Amber: relieves stress

o   Aquamarine: relieves stress


These crystals are for students with approximately two brain cells left and/or students who procrastinate every assignment until the last minute and then loathe themselves for doing so (guilty!).

o   Carnelian: analytic ability

o   Lapis lazuli: clarity

o   Amethyst: decision-making

Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health during finals week should be a top priority. Check in with friends, get enough sleep and look into these crystals for extra support.

o   Turquoise: depression, panic attacks

o   Amethyst: anxiety

o   Rose quartz: overcoming trauma


Are you feeling  fatigued? Having nightmares about the project you have to present tomorrow? Falling asleep during your classmates’ presentations? These crystals are for you.

o   Tiger’s eye: fatigue

o   Turquoise: exhaustion

o   Amethyst: nightmares


Your professor refuses to give you extra credit; your group members aren’t doing their part; the Starbucks employee got your order wrong, and your week cannot get any worse. Use these crystals to control your rage and cease the internal scream.

o   Carnelian: anger

o   Aventurine: irritation


You bombed one of your finals, so now you have a C in the class. What’s the point in coming back next semester? Are you even smart enough to be in college? Should you drop out and just live at home for the rest of your life? Don’t let these thoughts consume you! Instead, turn to these crystals to pick yourself back up.

o   Citrine: optimism, letting go of the past, self-confidence

o   Azurite: mental healing

o   Onyx: centering

If you only buy one stone, crystal quartz is the master healer and a great beginner stone!

Once you have picked your crystal(s), choose a method mentioned earlier that is comfortable for you, such as carrying it in your backpack. When you feel overwhelmed, tired or are dealing with any sort of unwanted issue or emotion, project that energy onto your crystals. Most importantly, treat your crystals with care! Cleanse and recharge your crystals after using them by letting them sit in sunlight and/or moonlight. Unfortunately, crystals are not magical in that they can make all your problems disappear within an instant. Be patient, focus your energy on the positive, and let the crystals absorb the negativity surrounding finals week.