Let’s get knotty: 4 ways to tie a neck scarf

What do a disco ball, a carton of milk and a neck scarf all have in common?

They’re crucial ingredients to a party.

Carton of milk? Healthy bones for strong dancin’ legs.

Disco ball? Gets everybody up and dancin’.

Neck scarf? Adds perfect spice to your dancin’ outfit.

Whether you’re fixin’ to sport a neck scarf to your upcoming Saturday soirée, to class or even on your weekend getaway, I’m here to offer different ways you can accessorize your ascot.

Wild, wild West(ern): the bandana tie

Do you ever have days where you just want to wake up, strap on a pair of cowgirl boots and ride a horse off into the sunset? With an 8 a.m class in the morning and another class that night, riding away isn’t always a possibility. Next time you get the urge to saddle up, settle for tying your neck scarf like a bandana instead.


Average Joe: the basic tie

When you don’t feel like putting much thought into your neck scarf but your outfit needs some spice, wrap the scarf around your neck, tie it in a knot, and you’re ready to walk out the door.

Unexpected twist: the better-than-basic tie

If you’re feeling fancier than usual and a choker just isn’t the look you’re going for, wrap your scarf around your neck and leave enough excess material to tie a knot with the tails of the scarf out.


I have baggage: the bag tie

Is your favorite scarf causing your neck to sweat a little too much? No worries, strap that scarf onto your bag! Just tie it around one handle, and all your baggage just turned from drab to fab.

There you have it, folks: an effortless accessory to dress up any casual outfit, whether you’re wearing dresses, jeans, pantsuits or shorts. I’m not quite sure how to TIE this up but I have to get the NECK out of here!