Street Style: It’s personal

A personal style is something that evolves over time and is unique to everyone. In this edition of Talisman Street Style, four Hilltoppers talk about their fashion inspiration and model their favorite looks that show off their personal styles.

Elizabethtown junior Kennedy Morillo describes her style as versatile, eclectic and risky. “Everybody told me I was fashionable growing up, but I didn’t think I was,” Morillo said. “People look at you like you’re crazy, but then the next year later, they’re wearing what you’re wearing now.”
Louisville senior Terence Nisbett describes his style as fluid and dark with lots of leather. He is most influenced by pop star Lady Gaga and young designer Wesley Berryman. Nisbett’s tip for making an outfit pop is to put on leather booties. “You can have a shitty outfit, but when you throw in boots, it’s made,” Nisbett said.
“I got tired of being categorized as everyone else,” Nisbett said. “When I was little, I knew it was something I wanted to do. I was always artsy, always involved in the arts, and I felt like since I can express myself on paper, I can translate that into my clothing.”


Bowling Green junior Chandara Vanna describes her style as edgy and urban. She said she’s influenced by ’90s hip-hop as well as modern artists like A$AP Rocky and Rihanna. “I’m a perfectionist, but when it comes to art and clothing, it never has to be perfect,” Vanna said. “It’s whatever I feel. I feel free.”
Barlow sophomore Staci Henderson’s sense of fashion is influenced by European style. “My fashion sense grew the strongest when I went to NYU London,” Henderson said. “My first semester there is where I got most of my clothes I have now.”
“I like looking put-together all the time because it makes me feel good about myself,” Henderson said. “I think it’s important you feel as confident as you can in your clothes. I think you do better in life and in class.”


Henderson’s way to dress up a boring outfit is by putting on heels. “Change your shoes and put on heels, no matter the outfit,” Henderson said.
Henderson describes her style as experimental, eclectic and fun. Her favorite places to shop are Depop, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Madewell and Zara.

Photos by Rhyne Newton, illustrations by Mason Best and collages by Emily Moses