Style Guide: Live on the Green

Do me a favor and close your eyes. Take a moment to channel your inner 7-year-old self at a hometown parade …

It’s almost go time. You’re amped up, grocery bag in hand, and you promise you’ll tackle anyone who tries to come between you and all those Tootsie Rolls.

By the end of the parade, you have an abundance of free candy and maybe a couple battle wounds, but all in all, you’re a pretty happy camper.

Ahhh, weren’t those the days?

Unfortunately, since there is an unspoken age limit on who can collect the complimentary candy thrown during hometown parades, we adults have to look forward to other events that involve free things.

The mature equivalent you’ve been looking for is Live On The Green, the free outdoor music festival located in downtown Nashville. I repeat: FREE outdoor music festival. This is not a drill. There may not be free Tootsie Rolls, but there are free tunes, and there’s plenty of joy to go around.

This year’s line-up is pretty … what do the hip kids call it these days? … “Lit.” If you plan on attending this concert series, you must dress accordingly to get an optimal amount of likes on that Instagram picture you’re going to post.

So folks, here’s a guide on what to wear to make it seem like you’re with the band (or at least like you know a guy who dated the lead singer’s sister).


Thursday, Aug. 31


To be a part of this crew, it’s recommended to look like you haven’t showered in about a week. Put on a graphic tee and throw on a grungy flannel or dark denim jacket, and you’re ready to rock n’ roll.

Friday, Sept. 1


Bust out your bootcut jeans, fringe kimono, and crochet crop top and get ready to “Soak Up The Sun.” If someone doesn’t appreciate your Sheryl Crow-inspired outfit, brush it off, because “The First Cut is the Deepest.”


 Saturday, Sept. 2


If you’re thinking of wearing a Hawaiian shirt, let me stop you right there. Future Islands are not the Beach Boys. Instead, throw on your best “I’m a minimalist” outfit and leave the floral lei at home.

If none of these outfit ideas suit your fancy, throw on a black shirt and jeans and just say you’re a part of the sound crew, and then, of course, rock your face off for free.